Ole Smoky Mountains

This is the first mountain I climbed and the first mountain I climbed with my boyfriend. We planned on taking a short hike which turned into a day’s adventure. Pat kept pushing me to do my best and make it to the top. When we reached the peak of Mount LeConte, my head was literally in the clouds. It’s not what I expected, but sometimes life is better that way.

Bar Harbor, Maine

I recently went to Bar Harbor, Maine to visit my boyfriend’s family for his grandmother’s 80th birthday party. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to meet new people, but I felt at home. Being in Maine is like being trapped in between dimensions of rock and a beautiful place.

Niagara Falls

Did you ever feel lonely surrounded by so many people? Better yet, did you ever feel it was comforting to watch time stand still in a moment where you can observe something so amazing and forget about everyone else? A moment to be at peace at oneself, lucky to be alive in the moment or simply acceptance is a rare beauteous thing.